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HiSylvia Professional Photography‎

Photographs make an impact on peoples. To make gorgeous impressions on your special moments or products, we offer many packages that make your task a cake walk! Present your unique photos in vibrant colors or black and white for products or mesmerizing portrait to keep the viewers engaged.

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[dt_sc_iconbox type=”type2″ icon_type=”none” title=”Food Photography”]We specialising in food and restaurant photography across Victoria Australia. We Have worked as a food photographer for over a six Years and collaborated with some of the nation’s top chefs, restaurants and food manufacturers. We Can Have A Crew Dispatched Anywhere In The Victoria In A Matter Of Hours. Book A Free Quote Consultation.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox type=”type2″ icon_type=”none” title=”Real Estate Photography”]Real Estate Photography Is One Of The Signature Services. Our Passion For Exceptional Property Photography, Technical Knowledge Of The Industry Has Meant That We Have Established Ourselves As One Of The Market’s Leading Real Estate Photography. Call Us For A Quote.[/dt_sc_iconbox]
[dt_sc_iconbox type=”type2″ icon_type=”none” title=” Wedding Films”]If You Want To Re-live Your Day Forever More, Then Consider Hiring A Videographer To Film Your Day From Start To Finish. Add A Videographer To Your Package. We Will Capture The Story Of Your Special Day. We Are Cinematographers By Passion. Contact us Today For A Free Quote.[/dt_sc_iconbox]

What Others Say About Us

[dt_sc_tm_carousel_wrapper type=”type3″][dt_sc_tm_carousel_item image=”7452″ name=”Alessandro Abraham”]Thanks Sylvia for being part of our daughters 21st birthday celebration and capturing all the special moments which will be kept for our memories for years to come.Your professionalism was outstanding and yet you also blended in as a member of the family.Your efforts were highly appreciated once again thanks from all of us.[/dt_sc_tm_carousel_item][dt_sc_tm_carousel_item image=”7454″ name=”Jo Sabatino”]Beautiful Studio, and a pleasure to meet the lovely ladies…Sylvia is just a gorgeous lady and her photography is just Divine. Highly Recommended![/dt_sc_tm_carousel_item][dt_sc_tm_carousel_item image=”7456″ name=”Liliana Barbieri “]Creative images, dedicated, professional, individual service! I highly recommend HiSylvia…[/dt_sc_tm_carousel_item][/dt_sc_tm_carousel_wrapper]